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Sany from "small town and small factory" to "world pump king"

Sany from "small town and small factory" to "world pump king"

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Sany Heavy Industry acquired Putzmeister, Germany

Changsha Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province. At night, Sany Heavy Industry's continuous large-scale plants are still bright. On the big screen of the enterprise control center, Sany machinery across the country promoted the start-up and operation data of 27.73 equipment year-on-year - "excavator index" kept beating

in the first three quarters of this year, Sany Heavy industry achieved an operating revenue of 41.08 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 45.9%, and a net profit of 4.88 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 170.9%. The "excavator index", regarded as a barometer of China's economy, also increased at a high level. These data describe the development track of 30000 energy experimental machine adopting microcomputer closed-loop control - heavy industry from "small town and small factory" to "world pump king"

this is a 48 meter long-span high-pressure jet fire truck with full folding arms photographed on November 24. It won the first prize of the 8th science and technology innovation award of China Fire Protection Association (2018)

what is the most unique spiritual temperament of Sany Heavy Industry? Its president Xiang Wenbo replied, "industry serves the country."

the time was pulled back to 1986. In Lianyuan, a county-level city more than 100 kilometers away from Changsha, four young people, Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo, Yuan Jinhua, and Mao Zhongwu, with entrepreneurial dreams, gave up the "iron rice bowl" of state-owned enterprises and established a welding material factory in daotong village, Maotang town with 60000 yuan collected from relatives and friends

the old employees recalled that at the beginning of entrepreneurship, Liang Wengen told them that they should be the experimental field of Chinese enterprise reform, go out of China and go to the world. At that time, many people thought it was impossible

opportunities are given to people with dreams. A few years later, the output value of Lianyuan welding plant exceeded 100 million yuan, becoming the largest local private enterprise, and was officially named "Sany" in 1989, which means "creating a first-class enterprise, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions"

on November 24, workers assembled the pump truck in the No. 18 plant of Sany Heavy Industry

in the early 1990s, Sany felt the "Spring River warming" of reform and opening up, and put forward the "double entry" strategy: entering Central Cities and big industries. In 1994, Sany Heavy Industry settled in Changsha and began the R & D and manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment

Xiang Wenbo believes that the success of Sany Heavy Industry is due to catching up with China's three major dividends: demographic dividend - manufacturing has the advantage of labor cost; Market dividend - huge demand for urbanization and infrastructure construction; Policy dividend - the reform and opening-up policy has created a living space for private enterprises

with the characteristics of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine of China's economic South testing machine and the rapid growth of economy, Sany has developed from a local small factory into a leading enterprise of construction machinery in the world. It took only 13 years to develop the concrete pump truck and become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer known as the "world pump king"; Sany excavator has only taken 6 years from its 0.5% share in the domestic market to its first sales volume

dare to be the first and adhere to independent innovation

this is the first pump truck developed by SANY group in 1998 and delivered in 1999, which was shot on November 24. Its birth broke the situation that foreign brand pump trucks unified China at that time

in the exhibition hall outside the "plant 18" of Sany intelligent manufacturing workshop, a 37 meter concrete pump truck with mottled fuselage is on display. It was produced in 1998 and is the first long boom pump truck with independent intellectual property rights in China

before that, 90% of the long boom pump trucks in the market were "foreign brands", and the key parts were "stuck". For example, the manufacturing technology of drag pump "heart" collecting valve group has been mastered by foreign enterprises, and has built a technical threshold; The high-strength steel required for the pump truck boom can only be imported from a European company

"core technology and key parts cannot be bought." Yi Xiaogang, the leader of technological innovation of Sany Heavy Industry, said that Sany has adhered to the path of independent innovation from the beginning, taking technological innovation as the core competitiveness of enterprises

in order to break through the bottleneck of high-strength steel, Sany research and development team devoted themselves to tackling key problems, from steel formula to processing technology, after two years of tens of thousands of tests, and finally succeeded. Nowadays, the steel substrates produced by SANY Zhongyuan new materials Co., Ltd. have been specially treated, with the strength up to 1800 MPa, and the cost has been reduced by 60% compared with that of imports

Sany pump truck equipment participated in the construction of Shanghai World Financial Center

visited Sany and deeply felt a strong "innovation culture". Chen Tianming, director of Sany fire equipment research institute, said that Sany people never say two words: "the industry is like this, so we should do the same"; "This has not been done abroad, so it cannot be done.". It is often said that "learn, but do not imitate"; "Tolerate mistakes, but don't repeat them"

at present, Sany has more than 2000 technical R & D personnel, and the R & D investment accounts for about 5% of the sales revenue. As of June this year, a total of 12070 patents have been applied for and 8751 patents have been authorized, ranking first in the industry

continuous innovation, Sany Heavy Industry has produced the world's longest steel boom 86 meter pump truck, "China's first excavation" 200 ton hydraulic excavator, "the world's first crane" 3600 ton crawler crane, Asia's first kiloton all terrain crane...

realize "fission", and contribute to the world-class brand

this is Sany Heavy Truck photographed on November 24. On May 28, 2018, Sany Heavy Truck was listed in Changsha. It created an Internet sales record in the heavy truck industry by using "Internet thinking"

Sany Heavy Industry has also encountered trough and bottleneck, and is facing the challenge of transformation and upgrading. They continue to "break the border" and finally achieve "fission"

this year, Sany Heavy Truck was born, all of which are sold online without agents. In March, the first batch of 500 Sany Heavy Trucks sold out in 53 seconds; In June, the second batch of 500 units sold out in 46 seconds, setting a record for Internet sales in the heavy truck industry

I understand that at present, Sany, from executives to ordinary employees, are eagerly learning new knowledge such as Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and so on

the "Interconnection Strategy" with a large amount of cable laying has been established as the first strategy of Sany, and the concept of "all digital businesses, all business digitalization" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The industrial interconnection platform incubated by Sany Heavy Industry connects 450000 equipment, including more than 300000 construction machinery equipment, and serves more than 60 sub industries. Big data on the platform "empowers" the intelligent design, manufacturing, sales and service of products

while breaking the business boundary, Sany is constantly breaking through the market boundary and actively transforming from "single domestic market" to "internationalization". In 2012, Sany Heavy Industry acquired Putzmeister, Germany, a veteran global concrete machinery giant commonly known as the "elephant", which became a landmark event for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises

at present, Sany Heavy Industry has five overseas R & D and manufacturing bases and 180 overseas agents, covering more than 150 countries and regions. In 2017, Sany Heavy industry achieved an international sales revenue of 11.6 billion yuan, accounting for about 30% of the company's revenue

Xiang Wenbo said that Sany in the future should "dance with the world". Their vision is to contribute a world-class brand to China, with overseas revenue accounting for 50%

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