Shenzhen won 5 gold medals at the most popular Gua

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Original title: the provincial mass opera flower show Shenzhen won 5 gold medals

Shenzhen literary and art front received a good report: from the 10th to the 13th, the 9th Guangdong mass opera quyi flower show was held in Liwan District, Guangzhou, hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of culture and tourism and the people's Government of Liwan District, Guangzhou, and hosted by the Liwan district culture, radio and Television Publishing Bureau and the Guangdong Provincial Cultural Museum, In addition to the 10 selected by Shenzhen, many customers and friends will ask: Why are the same works of the same size and impact conquering the on-site judges and audience who strive to be the pacesetter of innovation driven development with wonderful performance, winning excellent results of 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 copper, and the number of Gold Awards ranks first in all cities in the province. At the same time, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of culture, sports and tourism won the excellent organization award

Guangdong mass drama quyi flower show is one of the three major activities of "Guangdong mass art flower show". It has been held every three years since 1986, and has been successfully held for nine times. It has become a leading and exemplary brand of Guangdong drama quyi activities, and is welcomed by grassroots mass artists

this flower fair gathered 74 programs selected by 21 prefecture level cities and relevant units directly under the provincial government in the province, and held 5 special competitions, 5 public benefit performances and 2 works review meetings. After selection by the judges, Shenzhen's crosstalk "share by your side", folk art rap "dream come true", storytelling "base area", sketch "total" think ", sketch" annual meeting "won the gold medal, Allegro drama" hold a pure land "and other three works won the silver medal, and they need to change the oil pipe with higher strength, and crosstalk" good mouth "and other two works won the bronze medal. (Ma Xuan) (editor in charge: Liu Yang, Uranus)

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