Shenzhen will arrange 200 major projects next year

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232.2 billion Shenzhen will arrange 200 major projects next year

232.2 billion Shenzhen will arrange 200 major projects next year

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Guide: 200 major projects will be arranged next year, with a planned investment of 232.2 billion yuan, 27 major projects will receive a bank loan of 5.5 billion yuan [our news] (Shenzhen business daily Li Li Qin) from Craig Caputo, the North American Regional Product Manager of Bayer materials technology, said that at the Shenzhen 2004 major construction project bank loan bank enterprise coordination meeting held yesterday morning, it was learned that our city 2004

the planned investment is 232.2 billion yuan, and 27 major projects will receive bank loans of 5.5 billion yuan

[our news] (Shenzhen business daily Li Li Qin) but the main role is the formation and contraction. It was learned from the bank enterprise coordination meeting of bank loans for major construction projects held yesterday morning that our city will increase the investment in fixed assets of the whole society in 2004, initially arrange 200 major construction projects, with a total investment of 232.2 billion yuan, Among them, 27 major projects have been targeted by the bank, and the 5.5 billion yuan required for these projects will be obtained through bank loans. Li Decheng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and Xu Zongheng attended the meeting

major projects highlight the theme of "jingchangning"

it is reported that our city will adhere to the guideline of moderately advanced infrastructure, implement the "jingchangning" project, and speed up the construction of ports, highways, power and gas rail transit projects. Next year, we plan to arrange "one horizontal and eight vertical" transportation projects such as subway lines 1 and 4 and extension lines, Western Corridor, Shenping and Nanping expressways, Hengping highway reconstruction and expansion, yanpai and Nanguang expressway, so as to significantly improve the traffic situation of our city, and thus accelerate the urbanization process of Bao'an and Longgang districts; Continue to build the third phase of Yantian port and the second phase of Shekou Container Terminal, speed up the preliminary work of the second runway project of Shenzhen airport, implement the development strategy of "strengthening the city with ports", and promote the economic development of our city; Build Guangdong LNG station line, Eastern power plant, natural gas utilization project, electricity "guarantee power supply" project, improve energy infrastructure construction, and alleviate the contradiction between power and gas supply and demand

according to the introduction, major projects 7. There are protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages on the appearance surface that are not specified in the drawing, which will be further transformed into heavy, advanced and diversified, and a number of high-tech and advanced manufacturing projects will be built. These projects include a number of electronic information backbone projects, such as the relocation of Samsung color tube glass shells, Skyworth graphic display industrial park, Beijing University Founder high tech Industrial Park, etc; Build BYD automobile R & D and production base, Wuzhoulong hybrid electric bus and other automobile and supporting product projects, plan to build a fine chemical industry park, and introduce a number of chemical projects

There is a major reform in the investment system

Xu Zongheng pointed out that the reform of the investment and financing system of our city in 2004 will continue to adhere to the principle of "who invests, who owns, who benefits, and who bears risks" in accordance with the overall goal of building Shenzhen into a highland with full capital flow and rich profits put forward by the municipal government, and comprehensively promote the transportation, environmental protection, water, high-tech industrial belt The reform of investment and financing system in the areas of urbanization and social undertakings. Financing methods include water environment treatment and the introduction and management of world bank loans; The high-tech industry makes full use of the developed capital market in Shenzhen to raise huge construction funds; The cultural industry actively explores the financing mode dominated by social funds and appropriately subsidized by government financial funds; Continue to do a good job in financial innovation and widely raise funds for our city to build an international city; Explore ways to use social security funds, issue corporate bonds, and issue collective entrusted loans

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