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Shenzhen issued "two requirements" for prepackaged fruits

recently, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Guangdong Province issued two local agricultural standards, namely, "requirements for labels and packaging of prepackaged fruits" and "requirements for the purchase and sale of prepackaged fresh apples". These two standards will be officially implemented on June 15 this year

"the problems of labels and packaging requirements for prepackaged fruits make it impossible for China's plastic machinery industry to meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible" mainly requires the standardization of labels and packaging of fruit products: fruit bags, which means that clothes must be labeled, and the label contents include fruit name, quality grade, net content, origin, producer, distributor name and address, etc. Moreover, it is more emphasized that it is not allowed to enter the experimental state; They are exaggerated as "high-quality" and "best" products

the "requirements for the purchase and sale of prepackaged fresh apples" clearly stipulates the classification of apples: according to the shape, color and surface damage of apples, apples are divided into three grades: excellent products, first-class products and second-class products

insiders believe that these two packaging standards are basically consistent with international standards. The realization of the standardization of prepackaged fresh apples, on the one hand, will enable citizens to buy satisfactory apples only by looking at the labels, on the other hand, it will also make it possible for Shenzhen apples to be traded and auctioned without physical objects

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